Bespoke Humanist Ceremonies in Scotland

At Thistle Ceremonies, we provide bespoke humanist celebrant services across Scotland.

Our experienced team is dedicated to creating personalised ceremonies that reflect your values and stories. Explore our services:

Personalized wedding ceremony in Scotland by Thistle Ceremonies


"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." - Aristole

Celebrate your love with a personalised wedding ceremony. Our humanist celebrants are authorised to conduct legal marriages in Scotland and will work with you to create a ceremony that tells your unique love story.

Our humanist celebrants are authorised to conduct legal marriages in Scotland, and are trained to deliver the best ceremony possible from detailing how two people following different life paths meet, and continue their journey together.

As well as telling your story, our celebrants offer a wide ranging choice of symbolic gestures and blessings from all around the world. If you desire something different we can write a symbolic gesture unique to you as a couple.

Let us write you an amazing, magical script based on your personalities, one that will carry you forwards in to the next step of your journey together.

There are times when you may only require a non-legal wedding - we can also help with these too!

PRICE: £450 (incl VAT)

Unique naming ceremony by Thistle Ceremonies


Welcome new beginnings with a unique naming ceremony or celebrate a personal transformation with a renaming ceremony. Our services include personalised rituals and keepsakes to commemorate the occasion.

As part of the service, you have the option to select from various naming rituals, including unity candles, wish jars, and roles for Guide Parents. We also offer personalised ceremonies for your child, as well as renaming events to honour changes in identity and adoption naming ceremonies.

Also included are:

Certificates for Naming and Guide Parents
A keepsake copy of the ceremony script

PRICE: £275 (incl VAT)

Heartfelt vow renewal ceremony by Thistle Ceremonies


Your chance to revisit the promises you made to each other on your wedding day.

Reaffirm your commitment to each other with a vow renewal ceremony that highlights your shared journey. Our celebrants will craft a ceremony that reflects your enduring love and the experiences you've shared.

A full range of symbolic gestures is available or we can create one specifically for you.

Also included are;


A keepsake copy of the script

A Special Renewal of Vows certificate for signing

PRICE: £395 (incl VAT)

Compassionate funeral service in Scotland by Thistle Ceremonies


During what is a difficult, emotional and stressful time our celebrants will be there to support you throughout.

Honour the life of your loved one with a compassionate and respectful funeral service. Our celebrants ensure that the ceremony reflects the deceased's personality and legacy, providing comfort to family and friends.

Also included are;


A keepsake copy of the script

A personal card with a message from your celebrant

If you or someone you know are encountering funeral poverty, please contact our charity Thistle Ceremonies SCIO to see if they can help.

PRICE: £200 (incl VAT)