Meet Our Humanist Celebrants in Scotland

All our celebrants are authorised by the NRS to conduct legal marriages in Scotland

N.B. If the round trip to your venue from the celebrants residence is more than 50 miles, then your celebrant may charge £0.50p per mile thereafter. Please check with your celebrant of choice to see if a separate cost will apply.

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Hello! I am Alexis and I am a friend, sister, daughter and mother (amongst other things). I live in South Lanarkshire with my two children.

Before becoming an Celebrant, I worked in financial services for 16 years but always craved something more meaningful and fulfilling in my life. After the sudden death of a close family member, I was asked if I would write and deliver the funeral. I accepted and found it to be a most uplifting experience. It was at this point, I realised my calling was to become a Celebrant.

I love meeting new people and am always truly fascinated to hear the journey they have taken through life, the highs and lows they have experienced and how that has shaped them as a person. Being given the task of telling those stories during a ceremony is an absolute honour.

Whatever the ceremony, I take the time to get to know the person or people and build a ceremony that is true to them. I take real pride in crafting my ceremonies and pay attention to the small details as often its the small things that mean the most. Its so important to me that what I create is perfect.

I take my role as a Celebrant very seriously but I don’t take myself too seriously, I like having fun, making people laugh but am professional at the same time. Whether your ceremony be a wedding, funeral, vow renewal, naming or renaming ceremony I would love to hear and help you tell your stories.

When people ask me what I do for a living I struggle to answer because I am many things: I am an English teacher, a foster carer, but also a mum, a wife and now a granny, every single role I love. I first became interested in becoming a celebrant when someone else wrote my dad’s funeral eulogy and it sounded nothing like my dad, that was the moment I knew I had a role to fulfil. And I love it!

I pride myself in making every ceremony unique and only about the people involved. It is important for me to share your story, or your loved one’s story, the way you would like it shared. My background in teaching English has been such an asset when writing ceremonies.

Celebrant training was a joy for me and in no way felt like work. I loved the training and love the part I get to play in the biggest events in a person’s life. I enjoy working with people and hearing their stories because everyone is unique and deserves a ceremony that is as unique as they are.

I am based in Central Scotland but love to travel and will happily go anywhere in Scotland. I love outdoor weddings and rustic weddings; a castle wedding is just the dream.

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When everything is said and done, the only thing we have left is our story - and I'm here to help you share yours.

Outside of my role as Humanist Celebrant and new member of the Thistle Family, I have two gorgeous children, a wonderful husband and I enjoy reading, health and healing, yoga, travel, cold water dipping (in the North Sea!) and creative writing. My background is in education, with specialisms in music, expressive arts and management.

I have been interested in Humanism since my own wedding and joining Thistle allows me not only the privilege of conducting ceremonies, but to develop and deepen my personal values further - I want to continue to be an excellent human being and I'm passionate about learning and personal development.

This new chapter is very exciting, and I can't wait to meet couples, realise client goals, write beautiful and unique ceremonies and celebrate all aspects of life with you! I don't take lightly the task of being trusted to ensure your milestone moments are just right and I am committed to ensuring your event is conducted the way you would like it.

My base is in Angus, which means I have easy access to Dundee, Aberdeen, Fife and Perth and Kinross. If you think I am the right celebrant for you then I am happy to discuss travelling further afield - I love an opportunity to explore!

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Most people choose non-religious Humanist ceremonies because they are looking for something unique and personal. Everyone is different and so every ceremony I compose reflects this.

My background is in therapeutic counselling. I feel this has proved invaluable, and given me excellent communication skills and an ability to put people at their ease to gain the information needed to write a truly personal and unique script for your ceremony. Whether that be a wedding, a naming, renewal of vows or saying goodbye to a loved one, I will do my upmost to create a special ceremony, just the way they want it.

I took early retirement from my career five years ago to persue my work as a celebrant.

I have always enjoyed meeting people and hearing their stories, and through my professional life this information was often composed into a report. Having attended a few humanist weddings I felt that this was something I could do.

I trained as a celebrant in 2016, and I love bringing couples' romance to life for an amazing ceremony.

I enjoy being a celebrant and feel honoured and privileged to share in these special moments.

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I just love, love, in all its forms. It’s a beautiful thing that means and materialises in different ways for every person. We are all completely unique and it’s something that I enjoy about humanist ceremonies, this uniqueness can be celebrated in both life and death.

I have a background in charity relationship management and have always enjoyed helping people. Delivering ceremonies lets me continue this by creating bespoke, personal and meaningful memories for people, as well as supporting them through what can be, stressful times.

Laughter is a fuel of life for me and (where appropriate) it’s something I like to bring to my ceremonies. I find people fascinating and nothing more satisfying than hearing how two people have fallen in love. Their journey, their adventure, the little things that sometimes people don’t realise is part of their story. I’ve got a creative flare so anything (well most things) go.

A calm, romantic ceremony can be created or an extravagant, bizarre, kazoo playing (like my brother's wedding) is absolutely welcome. The most important thing is how I can make the ceremony about the people involved, their personality and exactly what they’ve dreamed of.

Considering funerals, I realised after doing my grandad's eulogy the comfort that a ceremony can bring to the family and attendees if the person's personality and warmth is depicted respectfully and accurately. I thought what a privilege it would be to be able to create and provide that comfort to other people through such difficult days, hence, another reason for becoming a humanist celebrant.

Compassion, sometimes quirkiness and a lot of love and laughter is what I provide. I am Glasgow based but happy to travel.

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Love is at the centre of everything and will certainly be at the heart of your ceremony. With a healthy dose of romance, some light-hearted fun and laughter, I will tell your story, your way.

My ceremonies are unique and delivered with warmth, kindness, and respect. I will spend time getting to know you both so that your personalities are reflected throughout the ceremony.

I love hearing the excitement when listening to couples thoughts for their ceremony. I enjoy being creative, turning your stories and ideas into your perfect ceremony. Whether it's hand fasting, sand ceremonies or something new, anything is possible.

From the first phone call until your ceremony, you will feel supported, and I will always be available to quell any last-minute nerves!

Training as a Humanist Celebrant and joining the Thistle family is an exciting step for me, and one of the most rewarding roles I have carried out.

I have always been interested in helping others. My background in the public sector suited my compassionate nature and developed my communication skills and ability to understand others.

I live in South Lanarkshire with my lovely husband and wonderful children. I enjoy spending time with family, watching rugby, live music and love travelling both in Scotland and further afield in our wee campervan.

It would be my privilege and honour to work with you and be trusted to tell your story to your family and friends which is something I do not take for granted.

I am available for funerals, wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, baby namings or renaming ceremonies.

Get in touch if I’m the Celebrant for you.

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Hello, I’m Janine and here’s a wee bit about me. I have a long-suffering husband, two much-loved grown-up sons, and two lively but lovely, German Shorthaired Pointers. Based in South Lanarkshire, I also spend much of my time in Argyll - my happy place – walking the dogs along the beach or up the hills, messing about on my paddle board or doing a spot of yoga! I am a definite outdoors lover!

As well as being a celebrant, I currently work in the charity sector and have always worked with children and young people. I have a passion for helping and making a difference to those around me – which complements my role as a humanist celebrant.

I am relaxed, warm and friendly, like to laugh and love getting to know folk - and enjoy creating ceremonies which reflect exactly what you want. You will be at the heart of everything I do – if you’re happy I’m happy!
I have married couples on top of a mountain, by the water, in a castle, barn, forest, and whether it’s a small elopement or a grand hotel, I will be committed to making it your perfect day.

Choosing your celebrant is such a big decision! So if you want to chat and find out a little more about me, please drop me a message.

PS… I’m a big animal lover – so dogs, horses, pets can totally be included as part of your special day!

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I believe a person’s life is their personal story written in time by their character, personality, their actions, beliefs, principles, and their sense of humour. To this end, your ceremony has to be the way you want it, whether it’s celebrating the love of a marrying couple, welcoming a new addition in to the world or paying tribute to those who have passed, I ensure my clients are always at the heart of everything I do.

If you’re looking for a ceremony that ‘does it your way’ I’d love to meet you. I’ll listen to what you want, give you ideas and explanations if you don’t know what you want, and guide you through all the possibilities as to how to personalise and create the ceremony you have always dreamed of.

I was a teacher and enjoyed working in a support role with children and families for over 30 years supporting families whose children have additional needs. I love running, mainly with my two dogs for company, am in a walking group with friends, and love swimming and being outdoors. I love my arts and crafts, as I draw, paint and sew, I’m also an avid reader but especially love time together with family and friends.

I am available for Wedding, Naming and Funeral ceremonies and is happy to travel in and around Edinburgh and surrounding areas, The Lothians, the Central belt, the Borders and the Glasgow area.

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I became a humanist celebrant back in 2017, having worked in medical and customer service led roles. I run a domestic ironing business which was established back in 2014 but my passion is definitely people!

I am mummy to 4 small people aka ‘The Creeps,’ and they have definitely taught me all about patience, compassion and respect. I am married to Pete and we have a little fur baby; Meena the rescue dog.

I adore getting to know couples and families, building beautiful friendships and being a confidant. Life isn’t always easy, and I am always at the end of an email, a text, or a phone call to listen and help ease the load.

I adore writing; when couples and families open up and share their life journey with me, I create bespoke ceremonies that reflect their personalities.

From the initial chat to the booking stages, meeting to discuss the ceremony be it a wedding, naming day or an affirmation of vows, to writing the script and being there on the day to conduct, every step is special, and every step is about you…the couple, the family, the new born baby or the child who has found their forever home!

You choose every element of your day and I help guide you.

I offer professionalism, compassion, humour, a little bit of silliness (Terrible Toilet Selfies are a must) and friendship.
I have conducted hundreds of weddings all over Scotland and I am available for Weddings, Naming Days and Affirmations of Vows, so if you are looking for a fun, loving and dedicated celebrant, just give me a shout.

Happy planning.

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"Hello, I’m Mel, and I love my role as a Humanist Celebrant! I had my own Humanist wedding a couple of years ago, and during the ceremony my husband referred to me as “a ray of sunshine” because I smile a lot. I love to bring positivity and light to this wonderful experience called life, and being part of the Thistle family makes it easy for me to do that! I’m a huge fan of LOVE, for me it is the beginning and end of everything, and celebrating love is what I'm all about. I chose to become a Humanist Celebrant because I like to spread the word that we are all entitled to celebrate love without judgement, prejudice, or opposition.

I am married to my best friend - it took me a long time to find him, and I'm so glad I did! We have three amazing children and 2 dogs and we love them all in equal measure! We love spending time together and our shared interests include taking long walks in the beautiful Scottish countryside, and crafting stuff – we’re quite a creative bunch. I’ve a background in education as an English & languages teacher and I love to write. I’ve lived in Scotland for 16 years and everyday I’m inspired by the world around me. My ceremonies are personal and bespoke, carefully crafted to make sure that your story is told exactly as you want it to be. It’s your day, your way!

I love to laugh and have fun - in my spare time I organise Nerf games to raise money for youth mental health charities. I'm also a huge comic book fan. My ideal ceremony has a balance of humour, sentiment, and a sprinkle of romance.

If you're looking for a Celebrant who will listen to you and put you at the heart of everything, please get in touch for a chat. I'm Glasgow based but happy to travel and I can also conduct ceremonies in several languages.

I'm qualified and insured to conduct legal weddings, funerals, vow renewals and naming ceremonies.

Good luck! Happy planning!"

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As a Celebrant, I wear many hats, a former writer and counsellor, I live with my husband and am Mum to three children, three grandchildren, and am pet whisperer to three fur babies.

With a talent for crafting tailor-made ceremonies, I ensure that your love story, from the day you first met to the moment you say "I do," takes centre stage. As an author and former counsellor, I bring a depth of understanding to my work that results in a script that not only celebrates your love but also reflects your individuality. A lighthearted but meaningful ceremony filled with humour, joy and your own personal love story.

One of my defining strengths is my ability to create an atmosphere where laughter, tears, and moments of profound emotion flow freely, ensuring your ceremony is unforgettable not just for you but for your guests too. My dedication to capturing the essence of your love story goes beyond words on a page; I can craft a personal poem that adds a touch of magic to your ceremony, a keepsake to remind you of the love you share and the unique moments you've experienced together. This is a little extra that I am happy to provide at no extra cost.

Your love story is extraordinary, and it deserves to be celebrated in a way that's equally extraordinary. Say "I do" with me and make your wedding day a true celebration of your love, where every element reflects your personalities and your journey.

I am also available for Naming Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows, Trans Naming Ceremonies and funerals. Whatever the occasion, I will always put my heart and soul into every ceremony.

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When myself and my husband were planning our own wedding, we were looking for a ceremony that would capture our personalities and would provide us with the flexibility to be creative. We chose a Humanist ceremony, and we were inspired by how unique and personal the experience was and our guests loved it!

It was this experience that interested me to find out more about Humanism and I felt a connection to the Humanist philosophy. Training to become a celebrant in 2017 felt like a natural next step.

My background is working with children and families. I try to embrace life and adore spending time with my own family and friends to ensure that I build magical memories and live my best life!
Being a celebrant is the most rewarding role. It is always an honour to be asked to bring families together as it is a privilege to be part of huge milestones in people’s life and can support them to create bespoke ceremonies.

I take pride in my work, and I am humbled to be asked to be the voice, whether it is at a celebration of life funeral, the celebration of new life with a naming day or celebrating love with a legal wedding ceremony or a vow renewal.

I am based in Dundee and am happy to travel to all areas of Dundee, Angus, Perthshire, and Fife.

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